Product Range

Flat-knit with seam. The specialist for all forms of oedema.
Primary and secondary lymphoedema Stages 1, 11, and 111

Class 2.
MTM Class 1,2,3,4


The specialist for all forms of oedema, even for very severe oedema up to stage 111
Optimum therapeutic security for all forms of oedema as well as for the treatment of fibrosis due to its high stability and working pressure
Perfect fit with a strong grip able material making it easy to handle when donning and doffing

Compression quality products for oedema issues require very individual compression garments. Customised to each patients personal needs offering material selection and graduated compression.

Availability of wide range of design combinations.

Available variants:

Calf, Thigh, Waist/Attachements, Pantyhose, Open Toe, Close Toe, Silicone Band and Made to Measure (MTM).