mediven® esprit

mediven® esprit

Flat-knit with seam. Recommended for normal and firmer connective tissue.
Primary and secondary lymphoedema stages 1 and 11. Lipoedema stages 1 and 11

Class 2.
MTM Class 1,2,3


the gentle solution for arm oedema up to stage 11.
Soft and supple material with a discrete sheen for ultimate comfort
Clothing glides easily over the armsleeve due to the soft smooth surface

Compression Armsleeves
mediven® offer patients perfected wearing comfort.
Massage effect – the fine structure stimulates the tissue
Seamless knitting/Flat-knit with seam/Silicone Top Bands
Optional shoulder strap and bra- attachment
Hand parts available with tricot fingers or without fingers

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